Silence Cover Black Hill Press

“Many a yarn has been woven around the quest for love. But that familiar tale starts to fray at the edges when young Dean O’Leary, a bank robber whose pinstripe suit is a better fit than the age in which he lives, packs up his cigarettes and his battered heart to start fresh in Las Vegas. [read more...]

The Atlantic

Explosions: Stories of Our Landmined WorldExplosions: Stories of Our Landmined World

"The Atlantic"

Nobel Prize honored Mines Advisory Group (MAG) is dedicated to eradicating this menace, not only saving lives, but offering new beginnings to these war-torn regions.[read more...]

The Rumpus

LTGWS The Last Book I Loved - Let The Great World Spin by Collum MCann

Our affair, our decadent dalliance, began as a torrent of pent-up emotions erupted between LTGWS and I. The way LTGWS lovingly caressed every carnal description of Manhattan’s byways and alleys, tenement flats, assisted-living towers, and half-way houses was a revelation in today’s post-Minimalist world.[read more...]